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If you love traveling, have a heart for adventure, and enjoy seeing cities from a vantage point high above the clouds, a career as an aviation pilot may be right for you. Thanks to growth in the aviation industry, job opportunities for pilots abound. In fact, aspiring pilots can find jobs with either commercial airlines or corporations that own their own private jets. With many of the military aviators of the Vietnam War era retiring, industry observers are actually predicting a shortage of pilots in the years ahead.It was once thought that few people could succeed as pilots–but nothing could be further from the truth. Research indicates that as many as 90 percent of the public has the aptitude to learn to pilot an aircraft. In other words, becoming a pilot may be easier than you realize.Of course, you do need extensive training to become a professional pilot. To begin with, you’ll need to secure a private pilot’s certificate. This certificate will allow you to pilot an aircraft with passengers on board. However, the certificate will not permit you to earn money as a pilot. For that, you’ll need to obtain a commercial pilot’s certificate.In order to obtain a well-paying job as a pilot, you’ll have to record plenty of time in the air. Professional pilots say that the typical pilot needs at least 1,500 flight hours before they can secure work. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from one to five years or more to log that many hours in the pilot’s seat.Flight training can be expensive, requiring students to spend more than $22,000. However, financial aid is available to students who need it. And that training can pay off handsomely, once you secure a commercial aviation job paying more than $100,000 annually.

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Are you an airplane or aviation enthusiast? Have you ever wondered what the buzz on airplane T-Shirts is all about? Then, read on because this article will show you some of the most compelling reasons why you should buy airplane T-Shirts for yourself and even for other airplane enthusiasts like you.Here are the reasons:1. Airplane T-Shirts Express Your Love for Airplanes. You can tell your friends that you like airplanes, or you can also show them your model airplane collection. However, nothing speaks more loudly about your love for airplanes than wearing airplane T-Shirts. Airplane T-Shirts come in different designs and themes, so you are sure that you can choose a design that truly fits your personality or your preferences.2. Airplane T-Shirts are Unique. Airplane T-Shirts can be considered specialty items because they attract a small but tightly-knit crowd of like-minded individuals. Because of that, you will surely stand out if you wear airplane T-Shirts. Plus, these t-shirts give you a lot more individuality than regular T-Shirts.3. Airplane T-Shirts are Great Conversation Starters. These T-Shirts express your love for airplanes. They also help you stand out. Combine the two and you’ll be attracting a lot of attention to yourself. Not sure how to open conversations with your newfound friends? Your love for airplanes will definitely be a great starter. This applies not only to aviation enthusiasts like yourself but also among ordinary people. After all, many of the people you’ll be encountering would have experienced riding an airplane. Also, they feel the same thrill that you feel whenever you ride and airplane.4. Airplane T-Shirts Make for Great Collector’s Items. Not only the people who wear aviation T-Shirts are unique but also the T-Shirts themselves. Once again, these aren’t your ordinary t-shirts. Airplane T-Shirts are specialty items that would be great collector’s items eventually. You don’t even have to sell them. You could simply collect these t-shirts, just as other people would collect stamps or other collectibles, then preserve them5. Airplane T-Shirts Make for Great Gifts. If you already have a vast collection of airplane T-Shirts, why not spread the love and give T-Shirts to your friends and loved ones as well? Since they’re unique, you won’t find yourself in an embarrassing situation where you’ve given a gift similar to what your friend already received. It also wouldn’t matter if the person you’re giving the shirt to is an airplane enthusiast or not. There are cool airplane T-Shirt designs that others will easily appreciate.So, you need reasons why you should buy airplane T-Shirts? There are many reasons to do that, but the 5 reasons that you read above are by far the most compelling. Airplane t-shirts are unique and can be considered a collectible. You can even make new friends wearing them. Whatever you want to do, airplane t-shirts are a definitely a must for you to have.

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When it comes to buying aircraft for sale by dedicated vendors, knowing about your potential purchase makes a big difference. From design to ‘feature packages’, buyers want the low-down on an aircraft for sale, whether it’s brand new, or pre-owned.Not all four-seaters are created equal, and when buying for a small airplane purchase, it’s important to keep a few essentials in mind.Design for Best Fuel UseAs the major airlines are clamoring for relief from high fuel prices, small aircraft owners are sure to feel the burn, too. New technology and research are leading to design changes that can make airplanes more gas-efficient and diminish the volume of fuel burned.When buying you need to know what the fuel source is, whether your plane has turbo capability, dragless wing design, or multiple tanks for storage safety. Look for features like these where airplanes for sale are advertised.Features and InteriorsA buyer or window shopper for aircraft for sale will want to know what the offered product looks like. A ride in a clean and cosmetically new-looking interior is a lot different than going up in a “work plane” with a grimy interior and dash. Buyers also want to check for features like GPS, advanced control options, and good lighting and seating.Buyers also want a rundown on the avionics, from LED panels and dial controls to transponders and map displays, as well as speaker systems for communication with “the tower”.All of the features contribute to the ride, and all of them will be part of inspection for a buyer looking at aircraft for sale online, in a “showroom”, or in printed ads.Shopping for AircraftAirplane vendors bring a lot to the table in offering both new and used aircraft for sale to their corporate and personal clients.Shopping starts online, where buyers can view lists of avionics and features as well as interior screen shots while pricing Cessnas and other planes.Well-educated and experienced staff at specific vendors usually specialize in getting customers into a Caravan or other model that fits their aviation needs.

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Maybe we can’t explain why we love aircraft so much. Could it stem from an early age that could have derived as a toddler sitting on your fathers lap at a picnic or a barbecue and seeing him look into the sky and saying look… look… plane… plane, growing up to repeat the same words to your father and your future children, perhaps it could have stemmed from our pre-school days making paper planes, or maybe taking your first trip to the airport to pick up your father’s brother, or your first flight.Ask around and you will see that everybody has a story to tell; as humans we all tend to have some reason as to why something fascinates us. But have you ever wondered if our true love for these wonderful flying machines could have been inherited from our ancestors who envied the birds – expressing a desire to soar through the clouds, wanting to touch the moon and defying death looking for ways to fly and finally succeeding to give us these magnificent flying machines? Breaking sound barrier while looking for ways to reach the stars, driving us into space exploration while dreaming of travelling through worm holes? Is it the human being’s ancestral territorial genes that drive mankind’s sheer determination to keep exploring the unknown while defying gravity to take us deeper into space?On December 17 in 1903, the world was about to change when Orville Wright flew 120 feet into the sky at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA… In January 1 of 1914, a new US airline began operating, it was the start of a new challenging era which has bought the human race closer together to share our goods and combine our skills to benefit the planet.It is important to know that the salvation of the commercial aviation industry was a US government program during World War One. And equally important to know that the human race desire to explore the unknown will continuously push mankind to reach the skies by continuously venturing into new technology. The modern airplane creates a new geographical dimension taking the next generation into unmanned aircraft giving us a glimpse as to what lies ahead in the future. On April 2001, the Global Hawk was the first operational Military unmanned aircraft to fly across the Pacific Ocean piloted entirely by computer bringing the race for the new generation of military and commercial unmanned aircraft to grow at an unprecedented rates by the fierce competition to exploit the new resources systems changing the way we will travel in the future. There are no distant places any longer; the world is small and the world is one. “How can we not be fascinated by aircraft?” I guess that our descendants will be reading about these historic changes as pre-historic bounds and be amazed that we did not know things that are so plain to them.As we progress, we will always keep Neil Armstrong alive in our minds and souls by adding to his famous phrase “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” to “One giant step for man, one colossal leap for mankind.”I am happy to have popped into existence at a period so interesting. The airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.Tell us why you are fascinated with aircraft.

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Simulation is one of the most successful genre in the world of computer gaming. These types of game are basically imitation of real-life situations and it has been found to be both entertaining and educational.Simulation games encompass almost all aspects of real life. Whether its life simulation, business organization, warfare, or sports management — game developers have stretched all their creative and technical capabilities to provide enjoyable simulation games which can either be ridiculously fun or astoundingly realistic.There is an enormous abundance of simulation games in the market and it can be further categorized in numerous sub-genres. Perhaps, one of the most intricate sub-genre of simulation gaming is flight simulation. This kind of game tries to mimic the experience of piloting an aircraft and it has become so seriously accurate that it can be used for training purposes.Flight simulators are in fact, intended to train future pilots and they are a fundamental piece of technological equipment in many flight schools. Now, you don’t have to lose a life or limb or wreck an expensive flying machine to identify your mistakes which resulted in a crash.However if you are just an average gamer with a penchant for flying an aircraft, you can simply purchase a flight simulation game in a store near you. It is the next best thing and it should be noted that these games are amazingly precise and able to include countless variables.There are loads of flight sim games. The fact that there are many types of aircraft — from ancient, decommissioned airplanes to concept flying machines –, choosing the perfect game for your amusement needs can be difficult and confusing. To address this predicament, it is helpful to clearly recognize your gaming needs. Choosing the right game should depend on what you want to use it for.If you are not really particular about the exactness of flying and you are in it just for fun and excitement, you can purchase cheap flight simulation games. There are plenty out in the market. Eventually, you may get tired of it and find a more accurate simulation software.Combat flight simulation is a category where you fly fighter planes, old and new. It provides conflict situations for you to adapt and handle. These are fun games for the more aggressive type of gamer. If war is your thing, then, combat flight simulation games are for you. Falcon, Rise of Flight, Lock On, IL-2 Sturmovik, and Hellcats are some of these games.Space flight is another category; it involves space missions and has unique variables for you to contend with. Microsoft Space Simulator, Orbiter, Space Shuttle Mission 2007 are examples of space flight simulators.If you want hardcore flight simulation games with incredible details for precision and accuracy, you should choose high-end software like Microsoft FSX Some software packages are designed to train future pilots. Their realistic modeling and complex programming can provide serious practice.Most high-end software can be integrated with simulation gears like control sticks, yokes and pedals. For the wealthy hobbyist, a homemade cockpit is very feasible. Beginners, on the other hand, should try downloading free flight simulation games first before spending lots of money on games that may only frustrate them.

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Supermarine Spitfire was a single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and it is better known for its role during the Battle of Britain. Though the Luftwaffe wasn’t fought off solely by this aircraft, most people regarded, and many still consider the Supermarine Spitfire as the main and most powerful weapon against the German airplanes at that time. The Hawker Hurricane was the first British fighter to meet the invading enemy and bore the brunt of the fights, but the arrival of the Spitfire turned the wheel of fortune more and more towards the RAF eventually.The Supermarine Spitfire – some historical factsSupermarine Spitfire was designed by R. J. Mitchell, the chief designer from the Supermarine Aviation Works as a short range high performance interceptor aircraft. Mitchell carried on improving its performances until his death in 1937. His work was later resumed by his colleague Joseph Smith.The elliptical wings with a thin cross-section allowed the Spitfire to reach a speed higher than any other fighters from that time, including the Hawker Hurricane.The first prototype – the Supermarine Type 224 – flew for the first time on February 1934 and was a monoplane fighter airplane with an open cockpit, bulky wings, a big fixed landing-gear, and a 600 HP Rolls-Royce Goshawk engine. The results weren’t satisfactory so the team led by Mitchell went back to the design desks to improve this first project.On 5th March 1936, a second prototype – the K5054 – took off having the chief test pilot for Vickers (Aviation) Ltd., Captain Joseph “Mutt” Summers, at the controls. The Air Ministry was satisfied this time and a 310 aircraft order followed. Shortly afterwards, Reginald Mithchell died of cancer on 11th June 1937, after he offered his country the most beautiful fighter of its time.The Supermarine Spitfire saw action for the first time during the Battle of Britain (June 1940 – May 1941). This is the conflict that created the aura of British ultimate fighter for the Spitfire. Of course, it is an exaggeration, actually, the Luftwaffe was repelled by the Hawker Hurricane – Spitfire tandem, and not by a fighter alone. The fast-moving and agile Spitfire was designed to attack the escort fighters while the Hurricanes – not as fast, but stronger – was engaging the bombers.Without any doubt, the Supermarine Spitfire is a beautiful airplane; this is why this fighter is among the top preferences for modellers; without any exaggeration, every generation of modellers enjoyed building the Supermarine Spitfire in countless variants, starting from the days of its glory up to the moment when this wonderful war-bird retired as exhibits into museums.

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Finding family fun Central Florida attractions doesn’t have to revolve around theme parks. Polk County in the Lakes District offers enough to keep a family, a couple, or even a single traveler entertained for weeks. The beautiful weather enables the availability of a multitude of outdoor activities, from attending a Detroit Tigers Spring Training game to just wandering through local botanical gardens and smelling the freshly bloomed orange blossoms. The myriad of things to do in Central Florida begins in Polk County.Spring Aviation EventsAviation enthusiasts will be thrilled to attend the number of flight-based Central Florida attractions in 2011. From March 29th to April 3rd, visitors can attend the 37th Annual Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, FL. This event alone provides six days filled with aviation-centered events, including daily air shows, hot air balloon launches, and over 4,000 aircraft to explore. Children 10 and under can attend for free, making this one of many family-friendly Central Florida attractions.If someone you know loves both planes and automobiles, they will want to be in attendance on April 2nd for the 14th Annual Mustangs and Mustangs event. This spring car and vintage airplane show focuses on restored P-51 Mustang aircraft as well as Ford Mustang automobiles of many ages and styles. Multiple events for adults and children are available at this exhibition, ensuring all-day entertainment.Fun And Fancy Free Festivals This SpringIf aviation doesn’t enthuse your group, consider one of the many festivals coming for Spring 2011. Noted as one of the premier Central Florida attractions, Mayfaire-by-the-Lake is taking place on May 7th and 8th on the shores of Lake Morton in Lakeland, FL. As one of the oldest and largest art festivals in the area, visitors can browse over 180 artists’ work, enjoy free live entertainment, and children can take part in a range of free activities, geared to encourage their creative spirits. Mayfaire-by-the-Lake is the culminating event that caps the 9 day long MayfaireFlorida: Festival of the Arts which will include cultural events and activities at numerous Central Florida art venues.For another cultural event, visitors can enjoy the Child of the Sun Jazz Festival & Urban Triathlon at the Lake Mirror Amphitheatre in Lakeland. The Jazz Festival portion runs on Saturday, April 16th from noon until 10pm, and is free to attend. Visitors get to experience jazz masters doing what they do best. At the Urban Triathlon, beginning at 7:30am that same day, attendees can cheer on their favorite participant to complete the swim/bike/run event. Proceeds support local charitable organizations.Enjoy Spring Flowers At Bok Tower GardensSpring visitors get to experience the highlight of Polk County: to see and smell the blooming orange blossoms. Not only that, but visitors may also want to explore the Bok Tower Gardens, which is an oasis of botanical gardens and serene trails. One of the most beloved Central Florida attractions, the gardens offer several official ‘events’ to attend, including an Easter Sunrise Service, a Concert Under the Stars with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra, and an in-depth guide as to what is in bloom at various times of the year. After all of the excitement of your vacation, browse these Zen-like gardens and breathe in the essence of Polk County.

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Of all of the adventures that people can pursue, piloting an airplane is probably the most exclusive. To begin with, flying an airplane means that you’ll have to invest a reasonable amount of time and money to attain your pilot’s license. Then there’s the cost of buying your own airplane or renting one every time you want fly. In addition, you should also invest in advanced air safety courses to be ready for any unexpected situation that comes your way. Add these three things together and you’re looking at multiple thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent pursuing the adventure of personal flight. Perhaps you have the time but not the money to pilot an airplane, or perhaps you have the money but not the time. In either case, there’s no reason to let your dreams of piloting an airplane go by the wayside; not when the aviation adventure industry offers you the ultimate fighter plane experience without even requiring you to possess a pilot’s license.How is this possible? Companies in the aviation adventure industry draw almost 50 percent of their business from offering flight adventures to members of the general public who don’t possess a pilot’s license. After choosing from a range of customizable flight packages, clients of the aviation adventure industry receive accelerated ground training in flight maneuvers and air safety and then take to the sky with an experienced military fighter pilot riding along as their copilot. Since the planes are equipped with dual controls, the fighter pilot can assume control of the aircraft whenever necessary. What this means is that you can focus on having the adventure of a lifetime without worrying about your safe return to the runway.Most aviation adventure companies offer two basic kinds of flight adventures: Aerobatic flight and simulated air-to-air combat. A good example of aerobatic flight is the kind of flight that you see in air shows. Flying in an Extra 300L, a high performance aircraft that is regularly used in air shows, you’ll perform a variety of gravity defying, pulse pounding maneuvers that constitute the ultimate adrenaline rush. If you choose a fighter plane experience package, you’ll also be performing some awesome maneuvers, but the main focus will be on simulating every aspect of classic air-to-air combat, even to the point of aiming a real gun sight at enemy aircraft and firing simulated bullets to the sound of machine gun fire. There are several kinds of aerobatic and air combat flight packages to choose from, any of which can be customized to meet your needs.Aviation adventure packages typically start at less than $500 for one-day flight adventures. But you can also purchase multi-day flight packages that include a little bit of everything for less than $3,900. At first glance, this might seem like a lot of money to invest in a leisure activity. But when you consider that the cost of the average family vacation is around $2,000.00, treating yourself or someone special to the ultimate aerobatic or fighter plane experience doesn’t seem so out of the question. And when you consider the total time and money that goes into piloting an airplane, the flight packages offered by the aviation adventure industry seem like a better deal still.

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Unless you are an airplane fanatic yourself, it can be quite difficult to buy an airplane t-shirt for your loved one. Buying specialty t-shirts like this goes more than just picking the right color and the right size. There are also other things that you need to consider when it comes to buying aviation t-shirts.Don’t let that worry you, though. We’re here to guide you in picking the right airplane t-shirt for your loved ones. Below is a list of things you need to look into so you’ll end up purchasing the t-shirt that your loved ones will truly like.1. The Airplane T-Shirt Design. This is the main deciding factor when choosing an airplane t-shirt. You should know the types of airplanes that your loved one likes. Is he into classic airplanes, famous mean and women in the aviation industry, or something else? Not sure what he likes? If asking him directly will spoil the surprise, you could also check out his collection of model airplanes if he has one, or the magazines related to aviation that he usually reads. These things will be good indicators of the kind of design that he likes.2. The Type of T-Shirt. While a plain old tee will usually do the trick, your loved one might prefer a certain kind of t-shirt, maybe one with a collar, or baseball shirts. Many sellers of airplane t-shirts provide an option of the type of t-shirt the airplane design will be printed on, but still inquire if they do provide this option just to be sure.3. Shipping Options. If you are buying your airplane t-shirts from an online seller, it’s always best to inquire about the shipping options available. There are sellers that offer free shipping options for purchases of a certain amount, while some have higher shipping fees depending on your location. Consider these options as they will ultimately affect the total amount of your purchase.4. The Seller. You also need to take into consideration the type of seller you’re dealing with. This is especially important if you are dealing with online sellers. Since there is no face-to-face interaction involved in online stores as compared to physical stores, there’s a certain amount of risk when transacting with online sellers. However, you can significantly reduce this risk if you deal only with reliable sellers. These sellers are highly-recommended by people you know and by others. Another plus factor with reliable sellers is that they usually have better-looking designs.All in all, these are the factors that you will often have to deal with when buying airplane t-shirts for your loved ones. These are factors that go beyond merely checking for the right fit and size. Purchasing airplane t-shirts need more consideration than regular t-shirts. It may be added work for you, but your hard work pays off when you see how your loved one’s eyes light up upon seeing your gift. You can also be sure that your loved one will be wearing that airplane shirt fairly often.

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If you are thinking about developing the aviation theme in your boy’s nursery here are a few simple steps to follow so that the decoration is neither a budget crasher nor an overwhelming chore:It is not at all hard to find wallpaper with aviation themes to compliment any airplane decor you are thinking of doing for your newborn’s nursery setting. But parents mindful of a budget will often still go for just a paint job. If this is the path you choose to take, the primary color scheme you should be focusing on is the blue of the clear daylight sky.
After the walls have been taken care of, then anything related to the sky and things to do in the sky are good. These can range from the different styles of planes and helicopters right up to the hang gliders and sky divers passing through the clouds. Not only can you select painted murals to be done for you but you can also choose easier, do it yourself methods like stenciling and peel and stick decals made for your wall to spruce up the nursery with your airplane theme.
A great idea to make the room more personal for your child is to have your little one’s name shaped in writing in the clouds as if one of those airplanes did some stylish skywriting. It is easy to do on your own with a damp paper towel and a little dab of white paint, swirled onto the blue sky paint as if you were trying to wipe the wall clean.
There is so much that a parent can do to create an airplane environment that cradles your young boy’s imagination each night that you would have a harder time choosing decor than wondering what to include in the first place. Nothing can be as priceless as the look on your boy’s face as he sees how much he is in the pilot’s seat. Beds shaped like airplanes can be purchased just about anywhere, new and used, from furniture stores to yard sales to Craigslist.
There isn’t a children’s furniture manufacturer around that wouldn’t have airplane bedding in their inventory for just such an occasion. Imagine a room with airplanes on the quilt, the rugs, the curtains, the sheets and bed linen, the bumper pads of the cribs. You should be able to pick things up in exactly the motif you are designing from any number of sources that cater to children’s room decorating.
You can place framed pictures of different airplanes throughout aviation history on the walls and hang model airplanes all over the room for the older child or in a mobile above the crib for the newborn. You just need some strong fishing line, sticky hooks, and your imagination. Don’t stop there. In addition to the framed pictures you can put up posters showing airplanes as art in many styles and designs that relate to the other decor in the room. A visit to hobby stores should yield such things as clocks and ceiling fans in the shape of old propellers, as well as many other airplane themed items.
And you don’t need to stop at airplanes and jets. You can have blimps and space rockets mixed in to teach your child everything about how our world relates to traveling lighter than air. Visiting air museums and taking pictures with your child can add a nice, personalized touch to the room when you frame these memories and hang them in artistic arrangements on the wall.To borrow a well-used phrase ‘the sky really is the limit’ when it comes to putting together this aviation themed nursery or child’s bedroom. Don’t stop as you let your imagination soar to new heights as you watch your child delight in such flights of fancy as he can discover in his own little part of the world.