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When it comes to buying aircraft for sale by dedicated vendors, knowing about your potential purchase makes a big difference. From design to ‘feature packages’, buyers want the low-down on an aircraft for sale, whether it’s brand new, or pre-owned.Not all four-seaters are created equal, and when buying for a small airplane purchase, it’s important to keep a few essentials in mind.Design for Best Fuel UseAs the major airlines are clamoring for relief from high fuel prices, small aircraft owners are sure to feel the burn, too. New technology and research are leading to design changes that can make airplanes more gas-efficient and diminish the volume of fuel burned.When buying you need to know what the fuel source is, whether your plane has turbo capability, dragless wing design, or multiple tanks for storage safety. Look for features like these where airplanes for sale are advertised.Features and InteriorsA buyer or window shopper for aircraft for sale will want to know what the offered product looks like. A ride in a clean and cosmetically new-looking interior is a lot different than going up in a “work plane” with a grimy interior and dash. Buyers also want to check for features like GPS, advanced control options, and good lighting and seating.Buyers also want a rundown on the avionics, from LED panels and dial controls to transponders and map displays, as well as speaker systems for communication with “the tower”.All of the features contribute to the ride, and all of them will be part of inspection for a buyer looking at aircraft for sale online, in a “showroom”, or in printed ads.Shopping for AircraftAirplane vendors bring a lot to the table in offering both new and used aircraft for sale to their corporate and personal clients.Shopping starts online, where buyers can view lists of avionics and features as well as interior screen shots while pricing Cessnas and other planes.Well-educated and experienced staff at specific vendors usually specialize in getting customers into a Caravan or other model that fits their aviation needs.