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Simulation is one of the most successful genre in the world of computer gaming. These types of game are basically imitation of real-life situations and it has been found to be both entertaining and educational.Simulation games encompass almost all aspects of real life. Whether its life simulation, business organization, warfare, or sports management — game developers have stretched all their creative and technical capabilities to provide enjoyable simulation games which can either be ridiculously fun or astoundingly realistic.There is an enormous abundance of simulation games in the market and it can be further categorized in numerous sub-genres. Perhaps, one of the most intricate sub-genre of simulation gaming is flight simulation. This kind of game tries to mimic the experience of piloting an aircraft and it has become so seriously accurate that it can be used for training purposes.Flight simulators are in fact, intended to train future pilots and they are a fundamental piece of technological equipment in many flight schools. Now, you don’t have to lose a life or limb or wreck an expensive flying machine to identify your mistakes which resulted in a crash.However if you are just an average gamer with a penchant for flying an aircraft, you can simply purchase a flight simulation game in a store near you. It is the next best thing and it should be noted that these games are amazingly precise and able to include countless variables.There are loads of flight sim games. The fact that there are many types of aircraft — from ancient, decommissioned airplanes to concept flying machines –, choosing the perfect game for your amusement needs can be difficult and confusing. To address this predicament, it is helpful to clearly recognize your gaming needs. Choosing the right game should depend on what you want to use it for.If you are not really particular about the exactness of flying and you are in it just for fun and excitement, you can purchase cheap flight simulation games. There are plenty out in the market. Eventually, you may get tired of it and find a more accurate simulation software.Combat flight simulation is a category where you fly fighter planes, old and new. It provides conflict situations for you to adapt and handle. These are fun games for the more aggressive type of gamer. If war is your thing, then, combat flight simulation games are for you. Falcon, Rise of Flight, Lock On, IL-2 Sturmovik, and Hellcats are some of these games.Space flight is another category; it involves space missions and has unique variables for you to contend with. Microsoft Space Simulator, Orbiter, Space Shuttle Mission 2007 are examples of space flight simulators.If you want hardcore flight simulation games with incredible details for precision and accuracy, you should choose high-end software like Microsoft FSX Some software packages are designed to train future pilots. Their realistic modeling and complex programming can provide serious practice.Most high-end software can be integrated with simulation gears like control sticks, yokes and pedals. For the wealthy hobbyist, a homemade cockpit is very feasible. Beginners, on the other hand, should try downloading free flight simulation games first before spending lots of money on games that may only frustrate them.

Supermarine Spitfire – The Saviour of the Albion – Aviation Airplanes

Supermarine Spitfire was a single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and it is better known for its role during the Battle of Britain. Though the Luftwaffe wasn’t fought off solely by this aircraft, most people regarded, and many still consider the Supermarine Spitfire as the main and most powerful weapon against the German airplanes at that time. The Hawker Hurricane was the first British fighter to meet the invading enemy and bore the brunt of the fights, but the arrival of the Spitfire turned the wheel of fortune more and more towards the RAF eventually.The Supermarine Spitfire – some historical factsSupermarine Spitfire was designed by R. J. Mitchell, the chief designer from the Supermarine Aviation Works as a short range high performance interceptor aircraft. Mitchell carried on improving its performances until his death in 1937. His work was later resumed by his colleague Joseph Smith.The elliptical wings with a thin cross-section allowed the Spitfire to reach a speed higher than any other fighters from that time, including the Hawker Hurricane.The first prototype – the Supermarine Type 224 – flew for the first time on February 1934 and was a monoplane fighter airplane with an open cockpit, bulky wings, a big fixed landing-gear, and a 600 HP Rolls-Royce Goshawk engine. The results weren’t satisfactory so the team led by Mitchell went back to the design desks to improve this first project.On 5th March 1936, a second prototype – the K5054 – took off having the chief test pilot for Vickers (Aviation) Ltd., Captain Joseph “Mutt” Summers, at the controls. The Air Ministry was satisfied this time and a 310 aircraft order followed. Shortly afterwards, Reginald Mithchell died of cancer on 11th June 1937, after he offered his country the most beautiful fighter of its time.The Supermarine Spitfire saw action for the first time during the Battle of Britain (June 1940 – May 1941). This is the conflict that created the aura of British ultimate fighter for the Spitfire. Of course, it is an exaggeration, actually, the Luftwaffe was repelled by the Hawker Hurricane – Spitfire tandem, and not by a fighter alone. The fast-moving and agile Spitfire was designed to attack the escort fighters while the Hurricanes – not as fast, but stronger – was engaging the bombers.Without any doubt, the Supermarine Spitfire is a beautiful airplane; this is why this fighter is among the top preferences for modellers; without any exaggeration, every generation of modellers enjoyed building the Supermarine Spitfire in countless variants, starting from the days of its glory up to the moment when this wonderful war-bird retired as exhibits into museums.