Flying High With An Aviation Themed Nursery – Aviation Airplanes

If you are thinking about developing the aviation theme in your boy’s nursery here are a few simple steps to follow so that the decoration is neither a budget crasher nor an overwhelming chore:It is not at all hard to find wallpaper with aviation themes to compliment any airplane decor you are thinking of doing for your newborn’s nursery setting. But parents mindful of a budget will often still go for just a paint job. If this is the path you choose to take, the primary color scheme you should be focusing on is the blue of the clear daylight sky.
After the walls have been taken care of, then anything related to the sky and things to do in the sky are good. These can range from the different styles of planes and helicopters right up to the hang gliders and sky divers passing through the clouds. Not only can you select painted murals to be done for you but you can also choose easier, do it yourself methods like stenciling and peel and stick decals made for your wall to spruce up the nursery with your airplane theme.
A great idea to make the room more personal for your child is to have your little one’s name shaped in writing in the clouds as if one of those airplanes did some stylish skywriting. It is easy to do on your own with a damp paper towel and a little dab of white paint, swirled onto the blue sky paint as if you were trying to wipe the wall clean.
There is so much that a parent can do to create an airplane environment that cradles your young boy’s imagination each night that you would have a harder time choosing decor than wondering what to include in the first place. Nothing can be as priceless as the look on your boy’s face as he sees how much he is in the pilot’s seat. Beds shaped like airplanes can be purchased just about anywhere, new and used, from furniture stores to yard sales to Craigslist.
There isn’t a children’s furniture manufacturer around that wouldn’t have airplane bedding in their inventory for just such an occasion. Imagine a room with airplanes on the quilt, the rugs, the curtains, the sheets and bed linen, the bumper pads of the cribs. You should be able to pick things up in exactly the motif you are designing from any number of sources that cater to children’s room decorating.
You can place framed pictures of different airplanes throughout aviation history on the walls and hang model airplanes all over the room for the older child or in a mobile above the crib for the newborn. You just need some strong fishing line, sticky hooks, and your imagination. Don’t stop there. In addition to the framed pictures you can put up posters showing airplanes as art in many styles and designs that relate to the other decor in the room. A visit to hobby stores should yield such things as clocks and ceiling fans in the shape of old propellers, as well as many other airplane themed items.
And you don’t need to stop at airplanes and jets. You can have blimps and space rockets mixed in to teach your child everything about how our world relates to traveling lighter than air. Visiting air museums and taking pictures with your child can add a nice, personalized touch to the room when you frame these memories and hang them in artistic arrangements on the wall.To borrow a well-used phrase ‘the sky really is the limit’ when it comes to putting together this aviation themed nursery or child’s bedroom. Don’t stop as you let your imagination soar to new heights as you watch your child delight in such flights of fancy as he can discover in his own little part of the world.